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From "Marc M. Adkins" <>
Subject RE: ModPerl::Registry instead of Apache::Registry?
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 07:57:38 GMT
> > To replace FakeRequest, look at Apache::Test in the 2.0 distribution.
> If there are folks who look for a really fun project to do, a
> complete rewrite
> of Apache::FakeRequest is needed and in mp2 it should be possible
> to turn it a
> much more useful package. Hint: the functions in APR:: namespace doesn't
> require mod_perl to be running.

So is this just a test tool?

I was musing about a somewhat more ambitious bit of foo back in April.  I
was talking about a way to run mod_perl handlers (the basic response
handlers, anyway) from CGI, FCGI or HTTP::Daemon.  The idea being
portability, so that code could be written for mod_perl and hosted on sites
that didn't support same (like many hosting ISPs).

I already have a set of classes that support all four modes, but they use
their own calling conventions, which are much less complete than what
mod_perl provides.  When I started thinking about using a more standard API
I concluded that mod_perl's was the most complete and probably the best
overall model.

Anyway, I looked up Apache::FakeRequest and it seems like it's just there to
support testing.  Which is cool, but you hint about turning it into a 'more
useful' I figgered I would ask again.  Running from
HTTP::Daemon would allow running in Perl debug, might satisfy the testing
requirements whilst providing somewhat more overall functionality.


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