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From "Marc M. Adkins" <>
Subject RE: Handler attributes
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 04:00:49 GMT
> > But using the '+' notation works jus' fine.  Weird.
> Doh! Must be the order of executing PerlRequire and PerlModule
> entries.  Was
> this configuration inside a VirtualHost container?

Like this:

<VirtualHost *:80>
  PerlOutputFilterHandler   +Site::Wrapper

> The vhost is need was the other way around, I'll commit the fix
> that changes the order now.

Cool.  Though I have a work-around, so I'm happy anyway.

> $filter->remove completely removes the filter from the chain, so it's not
> going to be invoked at all. Much faster.

I'm assuming that this is on a per connect basis.  That the handler is not
removed permanently from the chain, but only for the rest of the calls on a
given page.

> >     while ($filter->read(my $buffer, 1024)) {
> >         # process $buffer appropriately
> >     }
> of course, you have to print the data out. unless you have
> stripped that code
> in this example. If you did, what happens if your filter simply
> prints out
> data unmodified? Does it get all the data?

Yeah, I have app-specific code collecting the incoming data and then I spew
it at the end after seeing EOS.  I've tinkered some and can't reproduce
my code so I'm guessing it's my problem.  If I can reproduce w/o my code
I'll certainly pass along the example.


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