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From "Marc M. Adkins" <>
Subject Handler attributes
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 20:17:50 GMT
I have yet to be able to append an attribute to a handler function, e.g.:

	# ...

	use base qw(Apache::Filter);

	# ...

  	sub handler : FilterRequestHandler # $filter

	# ...

When I do this I get no information in the Apache error log.  The page hangs
for a moment and then goes away.  When I remove the attribute it 'works'
(right now it prints double, but that's undoubtedly some other error).

Are these attributes actually necessary?  What do they do?  How do I get
them to work?

I thought I had seen a post regarding this but can't find it now.

I am using:

	Apache 		2.0
	mod_perl 		1.99_09-dev
	ActiveState Perl	build 804 (5.8.0)
	Windows		2000

I downloaded all packages as binaries.


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