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From "Swen Schillig" <>
Subject Re: Beginners question
Date Tue, 13 May 2003 08:15:10 GMT

First of all I've to say, all test finished successfully,
I wouldn't have bothered you or anybody else otherwise.

But to my shame, yes, I'm getting all the right loggings if I
run the mentioned test !!!

Now I'm a bit confused, if I use the test code in my environment
it's again not working correctly.
I assumed that it must be something wrong/different in the
but even yours (which is just plain) didn't show the results from the test.

I hope that triggers something with you !

Thanks again


Swen Schillig wrote:
> Stas, thanks for you reply and sorry for not follwoing the rules.
> Below is the information as expected.
> 1. Problem Description:
>    Sorry, I should have turned on the use warn pragma earlier.
>    At least I would have found the reason for the wrong log-codes.
>    But I thought I could use the examples of the brilliant docs out of
the box :-)

Please submit documentation patches, to improve it. Thanks.

>    I found my problem not having the right log-code.
>    It was that I only had Apache::Const -compile ':common' in my
>    while those codes are only included with the ':log' tag.
>    But I'm still getting no information about the file-name and the
>    Even though this information is returned correctly by

You didn't reply to my question:

what happens when you run the test that exercises this functionality:
cd modperl-2.0
t/TEST -v api/aplog

do you get the right logging (including the file/line info)? (see

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