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From Bill Marrs <>
Subject Re: Migration + Performance
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 14:27:20 GMT
My problem may be unrelated to threads/MPMs/etc.

Oddly enough, I tracked down my performance issue to a DBI call.

I fill a couple hash tables via a DBI prepare/execute/fetchrow_array 
loop.  This loop is taking 2 seconds to complete for 15,000 rows.  The DB 
call itself when called via mysql command-line takes .3 seconds.  It looks 
like it's directly related to the number of rows I get back.  If I limit 
it, the loop takes a lot less time and the site performs better (maybe even 
better than before the upgrade).

I'm going to look into using alternate DBI calls to see if I can find one 
that performs better when there are a lot of rows returned.  ...and 
generally investigate DBI advice/tips/help.



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