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Subject Re: Migration + Threads
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 14:26:46 GMT
On 8 May 2003 at 10:05, Bill Marrs wrote:

> Well, I've decided to move toward migrating my environment to Red Hat 9 
> (Linux) and along with that Apache 2 and mod_perl 2 (I am currently using 
> RH 7.2, Apache 1.3, and mod_perl 1.26).  I use the pre-fork load 
> of my Perl modules and get decent performance despite massively large httpds.
> I'm an Apache::Registry user, and my initial tests (on a test server) seem 
> to show that switching to ModPerl::Registry works fine and my site seems 
> functional.  I haven't done extensive testing yet, though.
> My main concern at this point is threads.  It looks like RH 9 comes with a 
> threaded Perl.  From what I've read in poking around, threads may not be 
> appropriate in a production environment, that mystery bugs might start 
> appearing due to system calls being non-thread safe.  I'd really rather 
> avoid building perl/Apache/mod_perl, though.  I've managed for years to use 
> standard RH rpms and this has made admin a lot easier for me.
> My plan is to go ahead with more testing of my test=server site under a 
> pure threaded Perl, Apache 2, mod_perl 2 environment.  Maybe, it will work 
> fine and I can just use the standard version of these software packages 
> from RH.  However, I'm a little afraid that despite my testing, when I 
> release to the live/production site, it could all blow up in my face and it 
> will be really hard to back-paddle to a non-threaded environment.
> I don't suppose there's some way for me to simply turn off threading in 
> perl without a rebuild/reinstall?  That would be very nice.  ...or perhaps, 
> a way to just force mod_perl or Apache to not use threads?  I may be a 
> little confused about all the issues here.  My technical understanding of 
> Apache and Perl is limited.
> Any advice would be appreciated,
> TIA,
> -bill

Hi bill -

I have been using fully threaded Perl (5.8),
Apache 2, mod_perl 2, and Mason in a test
environment for 6+ months, and on 5 production
servers (my personal server and 4 of my
clients' servers) for 4+ months. I have had
_no_ problems related to threading (just plenty
of my dumb mistakes.) I'm not sure, but I
think some of the thread warnings we see are
left over from earlier releases.

I build all of these packages (except Perl)
from source (mod_perl 2 from cvs). The v2
development is moving fast and my distribution's
standard RPMs are from earlier, buggy, versions.

Of course, my results may not be representative.
None of the servers I support are heavily loaded,
and none to really esoteric stuff. In other words,
your milage may vary :)

But - having given my disclaimer - be brave! Go
for it!

By the way, I'm using SuSE 8.1. I like it better
than RedHat.

Aloha => Beau; 

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