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From "Fabiàn R. Breschi" <>
Subject Document management: Info.
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 11:52:03 GMT
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Dear Group,<br>
After a couple of days of research I'm still striving to find out a Document
Management System based on ModPerl and with a RDBMS acting as a backend for
metadata/indexing using PostgreSQL. Maybe there's a little confusion around
between DMS and CMS.<br>
My closest commercial well-known comparison is Xerox Docushare v.3. Although
I do not pretend to have at first all the bells and whistles like scanning
etc., I'm looking to have at least the web front-end interface with the possibility
to scan and index document titles (content should be a plus, perhaps via
PDF2TXT), the system would have to manage any type of doc. ext. like *.pdf,
*.doc, *.jpg, *.tif, etc. . It should be very nice to have&nbsp; a native client
interface platform-independent (or integrate with any other avalilable).
Will have to allow upload/download and a basic versioning method. Email and
other type of sources should be a plus. I think that taking advantage of
UNIX&nbsp;(or virtually created) users/groups and privs has to be included as
Perhaps some of you have faced the above situation before. I'd appreciate
every suggestion regarding this particular matter.<br>
Many thanks in advance
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