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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Websphere plugin and mod_perl plugin incompatibility
Date Wed, 07 May 2003 00:53:44 GMT
Sorenson, David wrote:
> Well, I noticed that myself. However, the websphere plugin only errors 
> when mod_perl is loaded into the system. I've loaded in tons of other 
> modules in my experimentation just to see if they had conflicts with the 
> websphere plugin as well, but they didn't.
> And yes, I've sent the traces to websphere as well...but the truth is, 
> open source mailing list support often yields better answers, and almost 
> always yields them faster than IBM support.

If the inquery to IBM support fails, next try to figure out whether the 
problem happens if you just load mod_perl but don't use it (not loading any 
modules at all). If things work just fine, then it indeed could be some 
collision and you can try to narrow it down to see what module triggers the 

Another possible problem could lay in DSO dependencies if any are used. It's 
possible that mod_perl's and webspheres DSO have a common 
dependency (let's say, however they may find different versions of 
that and loading the two causes the crash. You will most certainly 
want to look at this option if just adding LoadModule perl_module ... triggers 
the problem.

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