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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Handler attributes
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 07:39:55 GMT
Marc M. Adkins wrote:
>>Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that my patch fixes the problem. It
>>was obviously
>>different from the execution order on non-vhost server.
> I just updated mod_perl using (as described on
>  Now I've got mod_perl/1.99_10-dev, which has the same
> loading order problem (I was running 199_9-dev earlier today).  I'll try to
> remember to check back on this periodically and confirm the fix.

Does it build from the source or downloads a binary?

>>While you work through the filter docs, if you have any
>>suggestions please
>>mentions those. doc patches to improve language, clarity, etc.
>>are very welcome.
> I'd been thinking of doing some of the boilerplate fill-in that is needed.
> Like there is a fairly useful set of tutorial-type doc on handlers but the
> methods for Apache::RequestRec and Apache::Filter and other classes are
> still blank.  Is this stuff in the source tree (which I don't have right
> now)?  If so I could maybe fill in the few of the easy ones (that I may
> actually understand) and send in patches.

Well, the problem with mp2 manpages is very simple: we wanted to get an 
automatic conversion of the docs from the C header files. However for some 
reason folks who have worked on this sub-project are busy with other things. 
The plan was to import the existing docs automatically and then polish the. 
I'm CC'ing Gerald. May be he has some updates on this issue.

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