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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Handler attributes
Date Fri, 02 May 2003 00:16:24 GMT

>>which is the example from the article
> Ah, yes, there's that thing where the filter is invoked multiple times...I
> had read about that but forgotten.  Doubtless that is why I'm getting double
> output.  D'oh!

tricky, isn't it :)

> Note that your example from the article does not actually use the
> FilterRequestHandler attribute 

no, it doesn't.  that the filter is an output filter is assumed.  I 
have gotten the filter to work with it, though (which is required when 
using the FilterInitHandler, which was going to be the subject of 
another article :)

> (I'm still wondering just exactly what it is
> supposed to do...I suppose I'll have to traipse through the code sometime).

stas can explain that better than I can.  I think it has to do 
something with source filters being used to add your handler to the 
proper filter chain - the attributes are used as part of the source 
filter mechanism.

> Meanwhile, I had apparently gotten the right configuration (using the '+' as
> discussed above) and not re-checked my code with the attribute because _now
> it works_ for me.

cool :)


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