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From Mark Laird Copper <>
Subject mp2: request methods
Date Thu, 08 May 2003 15:37:53 GMT

On April 1, Stas Bekman wrote that nothing had changed with
Apache::Request, in particular param was still the method for passing
form data in.

But hasn't *something* changed?  For example, I get:
 #perl -MApache2 -MModPerl::MethodLookup -e print_method param  
 Don't know anything about method 'param'

I'm also having trouble with the RequestUtil constructor.  Somehow,
although "use Apache RequestUtil ();" is in my, I still get
the error:  
"Can't locate object method "new" via package "Apache::RequestUtil" 
(perhaps you forgot to load "Apache::RequestUtil"?)

Is this related to the META for $r->args in the user manual? (when
Apache::Request will be ported to mod_perl 2.0, you will have the fast C
implementation of these functions.)

Is a workaround simply to avoid Apache->request as recommended in the
user manual?  But then how *does* one parse the request string?



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