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From Jarkko Hietaniemi <>
Subject Re: CGI::Carp
Date Mon, 05 May 2003 20:44:15 GMT
> CGI::Carp is no longer working consistently for all combinations of
> Perl and mod_perl versions.  One way I have found to solve most of
> the problems people are reporting is to backtrack and go back to
> replacing the die handler this way:
> 	$SIG{__DIE__} = \&mydie;
> rather than
> 	*CORE::GLOBAL::die =&mydie;
> as is currently the case.
> The mailing lists are very confused (and confusing) on the issue of
> the magic $SIG{__DIE__} data structure.  Can you offer any advice?

What seems to be the, umm, confusion?  Reading perlfunc and perlvar
on the subject I would say that $SIG{__DIE__} should *not* be used
currently if one wants to write a 'handler' for die().  The problem
is that the $SIG{__DIE__} is called also in evals.

Jarkko Hietaniemi <> "There is this special
biologist word we use for 'stable'.  It is 'dead'." -- Jack Cohen

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