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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: PerlCleanupHandler called from default-handler
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 18:00:50 GMT

Tom Murphy wrote:
> I have written a Apache::DBILogger style log mechanism.  It is enabled via
> the perl.conf in the Server context as:
> PerlCleanupHandler  NC::LogHandler
> It works correctly, except for the fact that request handle by the
> default-handler do not call this handler.  The mod_perl cookbook makes note
> that: "..a C module has to specifically want this processing to occur-it is
> not called automatically."   

well, what we said is true, but you're reading it the wrong way :)

basically, all of the Perl*Handler directives - from 
PerlPostReadRequestHandler to PerlCleanupHandler - can be thought of as 
parts of the request cycle.  however, this is true for all but the 
PerlCleanupHandler, which really isn't part of the request cycle - mod_perl 
just makes it look that way.  what's really happening is that mod_perl is 
hooking your Perl handler into the per-request cleanup that Apache offers 
all C modules (mod_perl included).  so it _should_ be called for every 
request it is configured to run for (should being highly caveated - people 
have reported that _sometimes_ this doesn't really happen).

understanding that is A Good Thing.  however, it's not going to help you 
very much here :)

> How do I allow for this handler to be called on
> all requests?  Note I also tried this as a PerlLogHandler to no avail.

if the PerlLogHandler doesn't get called then you probably have a 
configuration problem.  both of these can exist on their own, outside of a 
container. something like

PerlLogHandler NC::LogHandler
<Location foo>

if that doesn't show your log handler running then you need to check your 
error log for errors and make sure your handler compiles under perl -cw or 
something - if the log handler errors out, you really can't see it unless 
you look.

of course, all this assumes that you built with EVERYTHING=1 - check 
Apache::Status to make sure.

another thing you can try if that doesn't work out is compiling a debugging 
mod_perl (PERL_DEBUG=1 and PERL_TRACE=1 when building) and set PerlSetEnv 
MOD_PERL_TRACE on and watch the verbose output.



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