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From "Narins, Josh" <>
Subject RE: [mp2.0]make test problems
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 14:46:15 GMT writes:

>If it has anything to do with magic always remember to s/Stas/Doug/gi

<>: Name service error for Host not found



-----Original Message-----
From: Stas Bekman []
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 9:32 AM
To: Beau E. Cox
Cc: Modperl
Subject: Re: [mp2.0]make test problems

> My ignorance is showing (20 yrs+ with M$ systems, only
> 1 1/2 yrs with Linux) but I did notice that mod_perl
> untared to beau:mysql? Where did that come from? umask?
> man umask only gives me (2) - programmers reference. Is
> there some setup parameter I should set? I've read my SuSE
> admin guide and can't find anything revelent. Please
> point me somewhere... :)

No need for excuses :) as you saw in my followup it wasn't a umask 
issue. (Though 'perldoc -f umask' has a good explanation of umask.)

> Of course, I'm doing everthing logged in as root (it's my
> network after all, and if you can't be King of your own
> network...) I've never seen tar carry owner:group + perms
> thru an untar...they usually come out the other end root:root.

Been there, done that. But now I work under my own user and rarely need 
to run 'su'. But that discussion belongs to a different list...

We are probably going to change Apache::Test to not let you run the test 
suite as root (the real problem is that Apache 2.0 will refuse to start 
if httpd.conf file says: "User root"), instead of trying to guess your 
'other' username. As you can see this help causes more troubles than it 

> It's some of your magic, isn't it Stas?

If it has anything to do with magic always remember to s/Stas/Doug/gi

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