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From Nigel Hamilton <>
Subject mod_perl SSL compression: Apache-Dynazip vs mod_gzip?
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 23:29:32 GMT

	I've been using mod_gzip for the last 18 months and it has worked 
really well for dynamic pages and static content.

	However, recently I've needed to use SSL, but I've heard the 
combination of mod_gzip and SSL is buggy on some browsers.

	I've checked out Apache::DynaGzip and it looks like what I need - 
but I'm interested in what other SSL+Compression combinations work best 
with mod_perl?

	So here's a little survey ...

1. 	Are you using http compression with mod_perl?
2. 	Which compression modules? filters? are you using?
3.	Do you also compress SSL content?
4.	Do you get bizarre errors on some browsers?
5.	Do your pages contain CSS files and .js files?
6.	Recommendations?	

	Here is a url that discusses compression options:


Nigel Hamilton
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