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From Larry Leszczynski <>
Subject mod_perl Windows 2000 install notes
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 13:29:19 GMT
Hi Randy -

Just wanted to send along some info that might be useful to add as a
Windows installation note in the mod_perl guide.  The short story is:

   You may need to shut down and restart your machine after installing to
   get things to start working!

I've been trying to install on Windows 2000 Professional, tried both the
complete install (perl-win32-bin.exe) as well as installing Apache and
ActiveState Perl and then using ppm to get to your mod_perl package.  In
both cases Apache by itself worked fine, but as soon as I added the
LoadModule and AddModule lines for mod_perl, the server would refuse to
start.  The screen message was uninformative:

   The Apache service is starting.
   Failed to start the Apache service.
   Note the errors or messages above, and press the <ESC> key to exit.

and nothing at all showed up in error_log.  After much frustration, I
remembered I was working on a Windows box, and rebooted :-).  Maybe there
can be a FAQ or something in the install section that mentions the failure
to start and that particular empty error message.

Larry Leszczynski

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