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Subject ProxyRewrite configuration
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 18:22:50 GMT
The problem was solved when I set the Apache Servername parameter to the IP
address of the Proxy Server.

But I don't understand why the ProxyRewrite module doen't change the URL to
what we want. It changes it only to "/".



Rodney A. Ramos

27/09/2002 14:31


Assunto:    ProxyRewrite configuration

I'm having problem with the ProxyRewrite configuration. My enviroment is:

Internal Site: http://a.a.a.a/site
External Site (The proxy server): http://b.b.b.b/site

I'd like to configure a Reverse Proxy so that all resquests to
http://b.b.b.b/site would be redirected to  http://a.a.a.a/site.

So first I tried the Apache module mod_proxy with the configuration at the

ProxyRequests Off

ProxyPass /site http://a.a.a.a/site
ProxyPassReverse /site http://b.b.b.b/site

Everything worked fine. But the problem was with the embedded URLs. The  mod_proxy doen't
change them.

So that's why I'm trying to use the ProxyRewrite module.

I put the following lines at the end of the httpd.conf:

<Location /site>
  SetHandler   perl-script
  PerlHandler  Apache::ProxyRewrite
  PerlSetVar   ProxyTo           http://a.a.a.a/site
  PerlSetVar   ProxyAuthInfo     "BASIC aGb2c3ewenQ6amF4szzmY3b="
  PerlSetVar   ProxyAuthRedirect Off
  PerlSetVar   ProxyRewrite      "http://a.a.a.a/ => /"

What I see is that all the embedded URLs that begin with "http://a.a.a.a/" are changed to

So the links works well but  the redirects that I have in my CGI scripts doesn't work. The
server don't find the page.

Exemple of redirect on my CGI scripts written with perl:

      print redirect("http://a.a.a.a/site/cgi-bin/xxxx.cgi");

As I don't have a DNS, I tried to change the line:

PerlSetVar   ProxyRewrite      "http://a.a.a.a/ => /"


PerlSetVar   ProxyRewrite      "http://a.a.a.a/ => http://b.b.b.b/"

But the embedded URLs are still changed to "/". I can't understand.

Can anyone help me? I'd be very grateful.

I think that my problem is very simple. I'd like to configure a Reverse Proxy that changes
the embedded URLs too, not only the Location URL.

Thank you very much.

Rodney A. Ramos

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