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From "Richard Homolka" <>
Subject mod_perl 1.27 core dumps on all requests.
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2002 17:34:44 GMT
This is a repost of an earlier help request.  I'm attaching a core stack 
trace, and I forgot to mention my httpd.conf, which is bog stock, no changes 
at all from what you get installed from apache.

Constants: static linked mod_perl 1.27, and Perl 5.6, solaris 2.8/sparc.  I 
don't have root, so mod_perl files installed in apache install tree.

Variants:  apache 1.3.26 and 1.3.17.  Other modulkes static or dynamic.
Dump occurs either with sun compiler 5.3 (Forte 6U1) or gcc 2.95.2

My problem, I get a consistent core dump in perl_handler(),
mod_perl.c:842 on a standard (non-perl script) request in my server as
specced above.  I've debugged it to where I know whats happening, but
have no clue why it's doing so.

I make a simple request.  I do a telnet, then:
GET / HTTP/1.0[ret][ret]

and the server processes the request.  For some reason it goes though
perl_handler()/mod_perl, my understanding was it wouldn't even go
though perl_handler() unless I configured a directory with SetHandler.
Anyways, it "executes" the configuration macros, and dies on the
dPPDIR macro (from mod_perl.h).  That macro tries to get the perl
per_directory_config based on the request_req per_dir_config.  The
problem is, the request doesn't have any per_dir-config, so it's NULL,
and tries to dereference NULL, and, well, you know what happens.

This has happened with various configurations.  The weird thing is
thatit happens at the doc root directory, which has the default
per-dir config from httpd.conf.  Anyone with any ideas?

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