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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: Defaulting to default-handler from custom handler
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 12:11:29 GMT

> All four cases result in the Perl code being displayed instead of the 
> script being executed? If a location is defined as a ScriptAlias, then 
> is the default-handler == perl-script? and would returning DECLINED 
> result in mod_cgi handling the request? What am I doing wrong?

perl-script is mod_perl

default-handler is the Apache default (to just send the document)

cgi-script is mod_cgi

so, if you want mod_cgi to do it, try

return DECLINED;

but I couldn't get that to work from a Registry script, since I 
suspect that it's too late to alter the course of the request via 
$r->handler().  a PerlFixupHandler is generally a good place to alter 
$r->handler() to perhaps you can put your logic there instead.

we talk about $r->handler() a bit in chapter 14 in the Cookbook, and 
14.1 has a list of modules and their corresponding handler name.



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