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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: cookies and IE
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 17:21:49 GMT

> But when it's set to "3d" the cookie is set as:
> Set-Cookie=name=value; path=/path; expires=3d 
> Which makes sense, but it's a very subtle thing IMHO, and to me "1d"
> means "expire in one day", the same as "+1d".
> Anything think that this deserves a bug report, or chalk it up to stupid
> user syndrome?

the logic in apache_request.c seems to indicate that you get options 
+time, -time, and 'now'.  any other formats (such as "1d") get the 
literal string in the cookie.  untested, though :)

the Apache::Cookie manpage says it's a CGI::Cookie emulation, where 
CGI::Cookie says to see for acceptable -expires values, which 
doesn't say much except illustrate that + and - and 'now' are 
permissible values.

so, it's not really a bug if you dig down into the docs and examples. 
  looks like a feature, though :)

I can't think of a reason why you'd want a literal in the expires 
field, but I don't use cookies all that much, so maybe there are some 
cases where it's desirable.

maybe $cookie should be undef, or the cookie should default to 
browser-session-only if -expires doesn't follow the standard format?

maybe that's a question for


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