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From Enrico Sorcinelli <>
Subject Re: urls with session info
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 07:45:47 GMT
On Thu, 3 Oct 2002 00:43:12 -0500 (CDT)
Gabriel C Millerd <> wrote:

> i have been trying to write a handler that will provide me with session
> data using the URL (eg,$sessionid . $r->url) like
> the eagle books has on p246.
>    in addition i am serving a cookie with that same $sessionid and then
> comparing to two $sessionid's in order to prevent the leaking referrer
> information and other problems.
>    i am using apache::session::flex for my session information.
>    i am running into a lot of operational problems and i think i am
> looking at restarting this little project of mine.
>    i want to do this for caching of expensive personalized webpages for
> people would be great if i could.
>    is there a a:session package already out there that does this? there
> sure are a lot of them.  seems that there are none that manipulate the url
> however in the perltranshandler however.
>    thanks

Hi Gabriel,
I've written a mod_perl module that does what you want.
Apache::SessionManager - an Apache mod_perl module to manage HTTP sessions.
Apache::SessionManager is a mod_perl module that helps
session management of a web application. This simple module is a
wrapper around Apache::Session persistence framework for session data.
It creates a session object and makes it available to all other handlers
transparenlty by putting it in pnotes.

You can download it from CPAN:

See perldoc Apache::SessionManager for more details.

The current version is 0.02 but I will put 0.03 today to CPAN (there's support to 
all cookies attributes customization and a support to mod_backhand 
cookie-based load balancing).

	- Enrico

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