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From James G Smith <JGSm...@TAMU.Edu>
Subject Re: virtualhost based variables
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 23:04:03 GMT
Alan <> wrote:
>Greetings again.
>I'm trying to figure out the best/fastest/most elegant way of setting
>virtualhost based variables.  Basically I have three sites, and the only
>difference between them is the DocumentRoot ($htdocroot) and the database
>their data is being accessed from ($dbh).

Document root should be accessable from $r.

I would use Apache::DBI for persistent connections.  Then connect at
the beginning of the request with the DBI connection parameters
coming from $r->dir_config.
James Smith <JGSmith@TAMU.Edu>, 979-862-3725
Texas A&M CIS Operating Systems Group, Unix

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