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From Alan <>
Subject Re: cookies and IE
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 07:02:49 GMT
On Tue, Oct 01, 2002 at 07:23:39PM -0400, Kee Hinckley wrote:
> At 11:30 AM -0700 10/1/02, Alan wrote:
> >Hi folks... I'm having a bit of a weird problem with Apache::Cookie and
> >IE.
> >
> >I'm setting a cookie and then doing a redirect as follows:
> This must come up once every few months.  I'd complain about that 
> fact, but the irony is that just last week I couldn't figure out why 
> a new site I was working on wasn't setting cookies in IE and....  I'd 
> done the same thing I'd read about a dozen times.
> IE doesn't reliably set cookies on a refresh.  I believe the only 
> solution is to rearchitect the site.

Interesting... on the several browsers/OSs I had it tested on it seemed
to work.  

Anyway, if this is such a common question, who do you talk to to get it
stuck in the page about cookies? :)


Alan "Arcterex" <>   -=][=-
"I used to herd dairy cows. Now I herd lusers. Apart from the isolation, I
think I preferred the cows. They were better conversation, easier to milk, and
if they annoyed me enough, I could shoot them and eat them." -Rodger Donaldson

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