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From Robert Boone <>
Subject Apache::AuthDBI problem
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 18:55:19 GMT
I'm having trouble with the AuthDBI module. If works fine if use require
valid-user or require user. But when I try to require group I get this
error: couldn't check access.  No groups file?: /test/

What am I doing wrong? This is my .htaccess file.

AuthName "DBI"
AuthType Basic

PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthDBI::authen
PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthDBI::authz

PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_encrypted off
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_data_source   dbi:mysql:database=auth;host=localhost
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_username     username
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_password     password

PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_pwd_table     passwd
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_uid_field     username
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_pwd_field     password

PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_grp_table   passwd
PerlSetVar Auth_DBI_grp_field     grp

require group test1

Any help would be great.


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