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From "Justin Luster" <>
Subject Graphics and mod_perl
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 23:41:10 GMT

I'm new to mod_perl and I'm really enjoying it.  It has really improved
performance.  Right now I'm just using Modperl::Registry to speed up
things.  I have a question about showing graphics using a Perl Script
and running it through mod_perl.  


Using Perl under regular CGI to create a dynamic web page I have always


print "<img src=\"thefile.jpg\">";


and this would display the graphic to the web page assuming that the
file "thefile.jpg"  was in the same directory as the Perl script .  If
the graphic was in another directory then something like:


print "<img src=\"../graphics/thefile.jpg\">";


was used.  Now that I'm using mod_perl and an Alias to my cgi-bin I'm
having difficulties knowing how to reference the graphics file.  The
following directive is in my httpd.conf file.


Alias /ssiweb/ "C:/Server/htdocs/develop/cgi-bin/"

<Location /ssiweb>

  SetHandler perl-script

  PerlResponseHandler ModPerl::Registry

  Options +ExecCGI

  PerlOptions +ParseHeaders



It seems that the current working directory for the Perl scripts when
run under mod_perl is in the bin directory where Apache.exe is.  I have
considered using absolute paths but even that does not seem to work
correctly with graphics.  I could also do something like:


print "<img src=\"\">";


but it seems that there is a delay in displaying the graphic when I do


Where is the current working directory when running a Perl script under


I would appreciate any help.




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