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From Charlie Garrison <>
Subject Re: caching dynamic content in the reverse proxy
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 07:04:16 GMT
Good afternoon,

On 6/9/02 at 12:12 AM, pascal barbedor <> wrote:

>but any content sent by a modperl handler is not cached although I set headers 
>Last-Modified and Expires to compatibles dates (with Apache::Util::ht_time) and 
>Cache-content to public from the modperl handler with $r->header_out..
>Has any one succeeeded is caching dynamic content in this configuration

When I have caching problems, I run my pages through cachability to find out
where they are failing. Check it out at:

It reports on page headers as well as gives useful info like the following:

  This object doesn't have any explicit freshness information set, so a
  cache may use Last-Modified to determine how fresh it is with an
  adaptive TTL (at this time, it could be, depending on the adaptive
  percent used, considered fresh for: 2 weeks 20 hr (20%), 5 weeks 2
  days (50%), 10 weeks 4 days (100%)). It can be validated with

The site is a great resource for a variety of caching issues.

   Charlie Garrison
   PO Box 141, Windsor, NSW 2756, Australia 

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