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From "Mark Coffman" <>
Subject RE: mod_perl statistics on
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2002 16:00:44 GMT
Aside from being an interesting fact, how does this affect us?  I mean, as
mod_perl developers?

I can't imagine that mod_perl will ever be the major "scripting" language
since it, by nature, is unrestrictive.  On a multi-user/multi-host server, I
think I'd rather PHP be run than mod_perl, simply because I don't want sites
stepping on each other's toes and have to worry about restarting httpd.  I
don't know.  I don't see it overtaking less-powerful (more restrictive)
languages, at least in numbers.  Now, if these numbers are generated by
looking at high-profile websites, then I'll buy the importance of the

Regardless, thanks for the report.  It was cool to see just how many servers
have good admin's behind them :)

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