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From "Imago" <>
Subject Apache::ImageMagick and Exception 410: Invalid attribute (x)
Date Mon, 02 Sep 2002 19:54:17 GMT
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[]On Behalf Of Imago
Sent: Monday, September 02, 2002 1:15 AM
Subject: [magick-users] Apache::ImageMagick and Exception 410: Invalid
attribute (x)

I'm running a Sun Cobalt Raq4 (Redhat 6ish):

 IM-5.4.8 (included PerlMagick)
 Apache-IM 2.0b5
 Perl 5.00503
 Apache/1.3.20 /w mod_perl 1.25

I also am getting 410 exceptions in my Apache error log:

 Exception 410: Invalid attribute (geometry)
 Exception 410: Unrecognized option (density) at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/Apache/ line 388.


I run the /download/dir/ImageMagick-5.4.8/PerlMagick/demo/ with no
problems after ./configure --enable-shared --without-x, make, make install.

Any clues?  ....Would missing libraries do this? (such as BZIP2 or XML)
....Am I using the right version of ImageMagick?  ....What versions of
ImageMagick are known to work under mod_perl?

-Imago <>

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