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From grant stevens <>
Subject RE: mod_perl & mod_php
Date Sun, 01 Sep 2002 09:00:40 GMT

Interesting topic, to be sure.  Although no one touched on the relationship 
I almost always see between Perl and PHP:  Rapid Application 
Deployment.  You can get a massively complex application out to users as a 
beta much more quickly with PHP (Sorry Perl), additionally capitalizing on 
the fast ramp-up to make junior developers actually useful.  Correct me if 
I'm wrong, but I thought that was why languages like PHP and Python existed 
in the first place.

 >I'm using both at work because we're slowly migrating from PHP to Perl.
 >PHP is better than Perl in some cases, I've found. If you're
 >predominantly templating and don't want to futz around with Mason or TT
 >or whatever, PHP will do a fine job.

I'm considering changing my stationery to that quote, it is so right on.

 >But there are some good
 >things written in PHP, it's just that there are a WHOLE lot more people
 >writing PHP than Perl (just look at the mailing lists and script

Isn't that the Bazaar we open-sourcers dreamed of?  A million users, who 
also happened to be developers?  Except that the mailing lists are 
comparatively useless, point taken.  mod_perl is viewed by the unitiated as 
a Cathedral for all practical purposes, even if it is the One True Language.
One final point:  everyone else besides developers care about one thing: 
using a working application.  They give no flying expletives whatsoever 
about what language or platform it is in.  Those of you not saying "Duh!" 
right now may want to take a moment or two to mull.

Thanks to all who contributed to this topic: what makes this mailing list 
great is that in addition to gaining insight into mod_perl development, you 
gain insight into mod_perl developers.

grant stevens

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