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From David Jacobs <>
Subject lingerd
Date Fri, 13 Sep 2002 14:13:54 GMT

it seems like lingerd is getting a lot of attention...  Has anyone 
tested this in a production environment (or a non-production 
environment, for that matter?)

 From the home page:

Because of some technical complications in the way TCP/IP and HTTP work, 
each Apache process currently wastes a lot of time "lingering" on client 
connections, after the page has been generated and sent. Lingerd takes 
over this job, leaving the Apache process immediately free to handle a 
new connection. As a result, Lingerd makes it possible to serve the same 
load using considerably fewer Apache processes. This translates into a 
reduced load on the server.

 From O' Reilly Net:

Brian Aker, senior Slashdot software architect, explains "a daemon 
process that sits in front of your Apache processes to handle socket IO. 
What it does is free up your webserver to handle your application layer 
instead of dealing with clients that tie up your Apache children."

Thanks in advance, David

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