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From Matt Harris <>
Subject Found a fix... but it's ugly
Date Wed, 04 Sep 2002 15:34:55 GMT
Here's the trouble I had to go through to fix this (I got it to work,
but I'm still searching for a better way - this is ugly as sin).  

Re-ran my apache configure with a -L in my LIBS for
This got rid of all of the errors but one - something about DynaLoader.  
I then found
It wouldn't let me just -L that directory and use -lDynaLoader though -
no idea why not, complained about not finding libDynaLoader...
So I did an ar -x on the DynaLoader.a and grabbed DynaLoader.o, which I
then statically compiled into httpd.  
I feel dirty.  There's *got* to be something I'm missing here, a better
way to get around this issue.  I'm using perl5.6.1 from sunfreeware on
the system (in /usr/local - there's also some old default-Solaris-8
perl5.004.X stuff under /usr, but mod_perl always found 5.6.1 just fine
for me)... Never saw a reference to the old perl.  Maybe mod_perl just
doesn't like looking under /usr/local ?  (but I'd assume someone
would've made note of this by now and released a fix for it)

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