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From Taisuke Yamada <>
Subject Re: mod_perl and DAV integration
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2002 23:46:50 GMT

> Has anyone devised a method (using mod_dav or otherwise) for writing perl
> handlers to satisfy DAV requests?  All the solutions I have found so far
> either do not give enough control over the response formation or requre the
> use of C handlers.

Are you looking for complete DAV solution or some testbed that you
can modify for experimental purpose?

I never claims this to be compliant DAV implementation, but I once
wrote something you might be able to play with:

It's XML handling is not even a kludge, and many things are not
completed, but maybe simple enough to modify and adapt for your need.

I wrote it to test out behavior of various DAV clients, and also to
experiment on separation of DAV frontend and file repository backend,
so I can use backend to write DAV-interoperable CGI later on.

Taisuke Yamada <>
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