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From Tomáš Procházka <>
Subject [mp2.0] wrong crypt behavior
Date Fri, 06 Sep 2002 06:23:33 GMT
I use own PerlAuthenHandler module to verify users' login and password from

For comparsion of password user entered and password stored in database is
crypt function used.

Here is the code:
my $real_pass = $d->[0][0];	# crypted password from database
my $salt = substr $real_pass,0,2;	# salt
my $test_pass = crypt $sent_pw,$salt;	# in $sent_pw is the password user entered
if ($real_pass eq $test_pass) {
	$r->subprocess_env(REMOTE_USER => $user);
	return OK;
} else {

Problem:  Sometimes, although user entered correct password, is authentication
rejected. I tried logging values of $real_pass and $test_pass and they
differed. When I add line

$r->log_reason("User $user tested (".$real_pass."/".$test_pass.")...","");

just before 'if' statement behavior is most of time correct.

Can anybody help me? Thanks.


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