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From "Sylbert L" <>
Subject Re: help getting started ..
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 11:45:43 GMT
Thanks Stas, the code works just fine now.

This is what i'd read :

[Apache 1.3 is hardwired to speak only one protocol, HTTP. Apache 2.0 has
moved to more of a "server  framework" architecture making it possible to
plugin handlers for protocols other than HTTP. The protocol module design
also abstracts the transport layer so protocols such as SSL can be hooked
into the server without requiring modifications to the Apache source code.
This allows Apache to be extended much further than in the past, making it
possible to add support for protocols such as FTP, SMTP, RPC flavors and the
like. The main advantage being that protocol plugins can take advantage of
Apache's portability, process/thread management, configuration mechanism and
plugin API.]

So if this is true, then shouldn't it be possible for me to implment a
constant connection using Apache 2.0 ?

Thanks again,

Sylbert L

PS : Any idea when the API docs will be available ?

> I'm using Apache 2.0.40, with mod_perl 2.0, Perl 5.8.0 on Red Hat Linux
> Also, I was just reading up on the mod_perl handlers. Is it possible to
> modify the working of apache, such that, it doesn't close the connection
> with the client ? and the connection with the client remains a constant
> until the client explicitly closes the connection ? Can this be done at a
> module level ? Or do I need to modify the Apache source to acomplish the
> same ? If its possible with mod_perl, which PerlHandler(s) need to be used

HTTP is a stateless protocol and while you have the KeepAlive
functionality to serve several requests over the same connection, you
cannot rely on that to keep the connection open.

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