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From "Sylbert L" <>
Subject help getting started ..
Date Thu, 05 Sep 2002 08:53:07 GMT

I'm just getting started with mod_perl. Was trying out the
Apache::CommandServer sample code provided in the documentation, but I seem
to get this error : Can't locate object method "run_access_checker" via
package "Apache::RequestRec" at .....

I'm using Apache 2.0.40, with mod_perl 2.0, Perl 5.8.0 on Red Hat Linux 7.2.

Also, I was just reading up on the mod_perl handlers. Is it possible to
modify the working of apache, such that, it doesn't close the connection
with the client ? and the connection with the client remains a constant one
until the client explicitly closes the connection ? Can this be done at a
module level ? Or do I need to modify the Apache source to acomplish the
same ? If its possible with mod_perl, which PerlHandler(s) need to be used ?

Thanks a whole lot. I've just recently purchased Oreilly's "Writing Apache
Modules with Perl and C", but  realized that it isn't too much of help, coz
I'm dealing with Apache 2.0 & the book is all about Apache 1.3 & theres such
a drastic difference between the two mod_perl implementations. Is there any
other source of documentation / help I can find ?

Thanks Again,

Sylbert L

PS : The Code that I'm using can be found at :

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