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From Michael Poole <>
Subject Re: Modperl! Your private *UNDERAGE* lolitas and boys!
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2002 14:58:52 GMT
Oden Eriksson <> writes:

> On Thursdayen den 1 January 1970 00.59, wrote:
> > P.S. This is not spam!
> He he..., yeah right...
> How do one keep this kind of shit out of here?

I'd like to know, too.  I'm a resident of Virginia, USA, and the state
anti-spam laws make the original mail punishable by fines (since it
used falsified headers, specifically the spoofed From:).
Unfortunately,'s mailer wiped the Received: trail, so it's
impossible to track upstream.

Checking Received: headers is also my normal way of filtering out spam
sent to mailing lists, so it is doubly frustrating.

-- Michael Poole

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