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Subject RE: Some wierd problem with mod_perl and Apache
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2002 18:23:42 GMT

> Would like to know if someone can see any obvious problems here:
> package Apache::ChangePassword;
> use strict;
> use Apache::Constants qw(:common);
> use CGI '-autoload';

Well I wouldn't use just to  call param().

If I don;t use, it complains during compilation
- Undefined subroutine &Apache::ChangePassword::param.

> sometimes....even though I enter all the values [snip]
> and press the change passwd button,

Have you checked that you are getting the expected request from the

when I look at the "access_log", during the failure case....I don;t see
any of the oldpass,newpass,confirmpass being Posted. Does this mean the
browser and Apache are not talking to each other some times ?
(FYI: this is same with IE or Netscape 6.2)

> when I am printin the values of
> $oldpass/$newpass1/$confirmpass
> they are all 0.

> Other times...this works just fine...

Have you read "Sometimes it works...?"

Yep, I was reading this stuff...and I think I am taking care of
my globals.

> Am I messing with my global variables here ?

Have you checked what's in $_ ?

Have you tried 'httpd -X' ?

No, I haven't done these. I plan to do this next now.

thanks a lot.


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