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From mike808 <>
Subject Re: Modperl! Your spam awaits you
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2002 15:48:32 GMT
On Thursdayen den 1 January 1970 00.59, wrote:
> P.S. This is not spam!

Oden Eriksson <> writes:
> He he..., yeah right...
> How do one keep this kind of [ed. - expletive] out of here?

Michael Poole <>
> I'd like to know, too.

On Sunday 04 August 2002 10:04 am, Steven Lembark wrote:
> The answer, of course, is Perl. The spamassassin module
> to be precise, see <> for
> details.

On Sunday 04 August 2002 10:13 am, Ged Haywood wrote:
> No, I think the answer in this case is Ask.

From what I can tell, the original had the following header:
> X-Spam-Rating: 1.6.2 0/1000/N

So did Ged's last response:
> X-Spam-Rating: 1.6.2 0/1000/N

It may have been included when Ged replied, which is how it got attached to 
his message. Which, in a way allows blocking of spam and spam-related 
threads, whether it is pro or con the originating message.

However, a completely unrelated recent thread had these headers:
> Subject: RE: can't fine ModuleConfig.c.
> X-Spam-Rating: 1.6.2 0/1000/N

What this tells me is that whatever is performing and inserting the 
X-Spam-Rating header is worthless to this list for this kind of spam.

But, it is always easier to identify ex-post-facto spam than a priori spam.

At the very least, the moderators (Ask?) should be able to identify the 
poster's originating subscribing infromation, unsubscribe them to the list, 
and/or notify them if it came from a compromised account.

And of course, send whatever info we can to the RBL folks (or your favorite 
public list of spam offenders).

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