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From "Rodney Broom" <>
Subject Net::SSLeay works in CGI, fails in mod_perl
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2002 02:31:50 GMT
Hi all,

I've got a teribly simple chunk of code that basically just does:

  post_https('', 443, '/gateway/transact.dll','',$pd);

This works at the command line, and in CGI, but fails in mod_perl with this message:

  SSL_connect 27438: 1 - error:140D308A:SSL \
  routines:TLS1_SETUP_KEY_BLOCK:cipher or hash unavailable

I've searched around in the docs and groups, but haven't found anything related. Has anybody
seen this before?

Rodney Broom
President, R.Broom Consulting

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