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From "Tagore Smith" <>
Subject Re: Site Host Providers that Support mod_perl?
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 12:20:41 GMT
Fran Fabrizio wrote:
> I thought I had posted to this thread yesterday but looking back I don't
> see that it showed up, so I'll try again. :)
> I'm also looking for good mod_perl-supporting ISPs.  Recently I went
> through the list on the web site, and either the links were broken, or
> the sites made no mention of supporting mod_perl.  The best I've managed
> to find on my own is an ISP that starts supporting it at the $250/month
> level!  Yikes. =)  The inaccuracy of the list doesn't surprise me since
> the ISP world has experienced so much turnover and turmoil in the last
> couple of years.  I'd be willing to compile a list of ISPs that you all
> know about and/or use, and forward that on to the web site maintainer.
> I know one option is to run your own mod-perl enabled apache but I
> imagine that a lot of ISPs would get pretty upset about you running
> servers (especially ones that love memory) on non-privileged ports, if
> they even allow connections to those ports in the first place.
> My ideal setup would be to be able to colocate one of my servers and
> just use the ISP's bandwidth, but those plans are all pretty pricey.
> So, I'd really like to have a good ISP that supports mod_perl that I can
> afford because I'd enjoy being able to play around and create sites that
> use mod_perl outside of work.  Of course, I can do it at home, but it's
> not the best place to host a web app, it'd have an audience of one. =)

You might look at ISPs that offer virtual server (as opposed to vhost)
hosting. For example Netmode- -offers dedicated IP
hosting starting at about $50.00/month. You get a shell account and can
compile and run anything you want (as long as it doesn't do anything
destructive), and connect to any privileged or non-privileged port. You get
your own apache process. You can set up vhosts and resell the hosting if
that's your cup of tea. The downside is that their ulimits on memory are
quite low. I tried to compile postgres and failed because gcc uses a _lot_
of memory compiling bison generated parsers. I still haven't written to them
about this- it may be that they are just using FreeBSD default settings
which are quite stingy if I recall correctly. Anyway, if you don't need to
handle heavy traffic it's a flexible, affordable setup. And the servers
include a dynamically loadable mod_perl by default.


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