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From Andrew Ho <>
Subject Re: Apache::args vs Apache::Request speed
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 20:30:11 GMT

JS>Would someone PLEASE volunteer to try to compile and test
JS>apache+mod_perl & libapreq on OS/X using the experimental
JS>code I posted there?  Even if you can't get it working,
JS>ANY feedback about what happened when you tried would be 
JS>VERY helpful.

Slightly off topic; I'd like to help with this but I have this curious
problem. I'm trying to build Perl 5.6.itself 1 on Mac OS X (with the
latest 10.1.2 update freshly installed, using the compiler from the
developer tools CD that comes with OS X when you buy the 10.1 boxed
version) before building Apache/mod_perl.

So I go through the entire Configure sequence, and then no Makefile gets
created (it goes through the entire routine of saying it's generating a
Makefile, but whether I run Makefile.SH or have it done through Configure,
no Makefile actually ever gets created).

Has anybody else seen this really weird behavior trying to build Perl
5.6.1 on Mac OS X? A web search didn't turn up any relevant posts.



Andrew Ho     
Engineer                   Voice 650-930-9062
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