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From Nicholas Oxhøj <>
Subject Re: "Streaming" compression of output from mod_perl handler?
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 06:54:38 GMT
> I've developed an Apache::Dynagzip handler for Outlook 
> Technologies, Inc. to
> serve the dynamic content with the option to control the size of the
> chunk(s). It works fine (as standing along, and within the 
> Apache::Filter
> Chain). Using the Apache::Dynagzip you have several options 
> to control your
> chunk size(s). You can even control the size of every chunk 
> from the source
> generator: Just send the mask of the end of the chunk to the
> Apache::Dynagzip within the outgoing content/stream. (You 
> might wish to send
> your header to the client browser while creating the rest of 
> the body...)
> Otherwise, it is buffering the outgoing stream up to the length of the
> chunk's minimum size , which is not less then declared (2K default).

It certainly sounds very promising.
Can I find the Apache::Dynagzip handler anywhere - Google returns nothing...

> Is your handler Apache::Filter Chain compatible?

Not at the moment. But as it is only a content producer, isn't the only requirement, that
I insert "$r->filter_register()" somewhere near the top of the handler, before returning
any output?
At least that is what I did, when I tried to test the Apache::Compress handler (which I didn't
succeed in getting to work properly).

Nicholas Oxhøj

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