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From Nicholas Oxhøj <>
Subject "Streaming" compression of output from mod_perl handler?
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2002 08:01:34 GMT

I am looking for an Apache module which will allow me to compress the output of my mod_perl
handler (a "native" handler, i.e. not running under Apache::Registry). But since my handler
can potentially take a long time to finish, the output has to be compressed in a "streaming"
fashion (or in small blocks) so that the browser will start receiving data before my handler
has completely finished. 

I have been experimenting with all the different Apache compression modules I have been able
to find, but have not been able to get the desired result. I have tried Apache::GzipChain,
Apache::Compress, mod_gzip and mod_deflate, with different results. One I cannot get to work
at all. Most work, but seem to collect all the output before compressing it and sending it
to the browser.

There also seems to be an issue about the new HTTP/1.1 "chunked" transfer-encoding. For instance,
mod_gzip will not compress chunked output, unless you allow it to "dechunk" it by collecting
all the output and compressing it as one big block.

So I am basically looking for anyone who has had any success in achieving this kind of "streaming"
compression, who could direct me at an appropriate Apache module.

Nicholas Oxhøj

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