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From Chip Turner <>
Subject Red Hat Linux Perl RPM
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2001 04:41:28 GMT

Hello folks,

I recently have found myself being the maintainer of the Perl RPM (and
associated perl module RPMs) for Red Hat.

My goal is to get an RPM together that satisfies the needs of the
community better than our current one, with particular attention to
general perl development as well as web development (modperl and flat
CGI).  I know there have been mistakes in the past, but hopefully the
situation can be improved; that is why I'm coming to the p5p list, as
well as the modperl list.  I know a lot of you have wrestled with our
RPMs and know their weaknesses.  I myself have wrestled with them
before, and know of some, but certainly not all.

The current focus is on a solid 5.6.1-based RPM.  Should multiplicity
be compiled in?  Should large files be used?  What other options make
for a stable, but more fully-functional Perl?

Also, now is the time to request particular modules for eventual

For those willing to go the extra bit, go ahead and file feature
requests and bugs in Bugzilla[1].  I'll be reading the threads, so
that isn't absolutely necessary, but it helps :)

[1] -


Chip Turner         
                              Red Hat

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