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From Robert Landrum <>
Subject Re: delayed file uploads...
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 23:41:04 GMT
At 3:29 PM -0800 12/3/01, El Capitan wrote:
>i have a simple question.  im not sure if there is a mod_perl directive or
>module for this but id like to perform this simple task:
>two web pages run in sequence. the first page, id like a user to select
>several files from his/her machine for uploading to the server using the
>input type "file" tag.  when the user requests the next page, i DO NOT want
>the files to immediately transfer (many reasons for this, just a hard
>requirement).  rather, id like to store the names of the files into a cookie
>or save it on the server with apache::session.  this part I already have
>working, and am storing the file names into a tied hash using
>apache::session module.
>then the user moves onto the second web page and populates more form fields
>with additional information.  upon submitting this second form, the files
>from the previous web page (names stored in the hash %session from
>apache::session) are then sent to the server.
>im not sure whether or not this can be done, anyone have any clues?

Sorry... Not possible.  Once you've got the file fields, you can't 
force the browser to upload the file on a different page.  That would 
be a huge security hole.  Just image a

input type=hidden_file name=filetoupload value=/etc/passwd

One suggestion would be to popup a window with the file fields.  Then 
let the user select the files, click submit on the parent window, 
then on the subsequent page, have the parent window issue a 
child.form.submit or something similar with javascript...


"Only two things are infinite: The universe, and human stupidity. And I'm not
sure about the former." --Albert Einstein

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