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From Dave Rolsky <>
Subject Re: What phase am I in?
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2001 05:34:20 GMT
On 21 Dec 2001, Vivek Khera wrote:

> >>>>> "DR" == Dave Rolsky <> writes:
> >> It's called current_callback().
> DR> Grr, its not documented when I do 'perldoc Apache'.
> There's a lot of stuff not so documented.  The mod_perl book has much
> more complete docs.

Which is nice for ORA and the books authors, but fairly irritating for
folks like myself.  Hell, I have the book but I don't always have it with

I'd submit patches for this but I'm figuring 1.2x will be out of date soon
enough with 2.0 in the works.  Hopefully that will be better documented
and if not, I can always help out.


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