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From Larry Leszczynski <>
Subject Re: Apache::Session and frames
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 23:46:56 GMT
Hi Michael -

> I'm using Apache::Session and cookies to perform session management.  In 
> watching the debug messages in my error_log, I can see that the cookie 
> is created, the session is created, and all subsequent calls correctly 
> loads the session.  However, part of the design for my web application 
> requires the use of frames, with several frames containing mod_perl 
> generated data.  Each one of those frames relies on using the session. I 
> wouldn't think this would be a problem, except that some of the frames 
> cannot tie to the datastore, and as a result create new sessions.

We had similar problems with a frameset scheme - the browser requests the
page containing the frameset definition and then almost simultaneously
requests each of the pages that must be loaded into each frame, and
confusion ensues.  What worked for us (I don't know for sure if this will
help you) was to turn on the "Transaction" flag during the session tie,

   tie %s, 'Apache::Session::File', $id {
         Directory     => '/tmp/sessions',
         LockDirectory => '/var/lock/sessions',
         Transaction   => 1

which should (depending on the underlying session mechanism) provide
transactional consistency.  In our case it helped prevent data loss that
was occurring while each of the frameset pages was simultaneously
monkeying with the session.

Larry Leszczynski

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