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From "Peter Haworth" <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Cache::Mmap 0.03
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2001 19:46:26 GMT
  file: $CPAN/authors/id/P/PM/PMH/Cache-Mmap-0.03.tar.gz
  size: 9454 bytes
   md5: f28df3400f28b54034a8a684a8e1e923

I strongly advise all users of this module to upgrade to this version if
they are using the write() method, and at least version 0.02 otherwise.

The next version should come out within the next week or so, and will remove
the dependency on, and use more portable file locking.

>From the README:

This module provides a shared cache, using a memory mapped file. Very useful
for mod_perl applications. If routines are provided which interact with the
underlying data, access to the cache is completely transparent, and the module
handles all the details of refreshing cache contents, and updating underlying
data, if necessary.

Changes since version 0.02
  Fixed serious bug in write(), which corrupted the cache file when replacing
    already existing entries

Changes since version 0.01
  Fixed serious bug in read(), which didn't update the current bucket content
    size when expiring entries. This caused infinite loops in _find() and
    _insert(), which have also been fixed, should anything else ever go wrong
    in a similar way

	Peter Haworth
"Besides, I wasn't trying to help them understand.
 I was only trying to help them think they understand."
	-- Larry Wall

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