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From "Fred" <>
Subject XML::LibXML
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2001 15:58:26 GMT

sorry for this question that is not directly related to mod_perl, rather to
perl itself.

I use XML::LibXML, that I found on,  and it matches my
Because it might (surely!) be good code structure examples, I had a look at
the module. There comes my question : I do not understand how it works.

I know (guess?) my answer in somwhere linked with Dynaloader.
But I do not find the link between XML::LibXML and libxml2. Do not man have
to specify it somewhere? Where is the link between C libs and Perl?
How come can calls to undefined methods like $self->_parse_file() (in method
XML::LibXML->parse_file()) can be found? Where is the inheritance defined?

Well, I have to say that I did not investigate much on Dynaloader. I thing I
missed a step before reading perldoc Dynaloader.
If somebody has an hint (or an URL?, manpage?) for me starting at
understanding this process, I would be grateful !



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