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From David Young <>
Subject Re: delayed file uploads...
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 23:43:19 GMT
I'd say "no". Uploading the file is a function of the browser and not under
your control.

> From: "El Capitan" <>
> Reply-To: <>
> Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2001 15:29:08 -0800
> To: <>
> Subject: delayed file uploads...
> i have a simple question.  im not sure if there is a mod_perl directive or
> module for this but id like to perform this simple task:
> two web pages run in sequence. the first page, id like a user to select
> several files from his/her machine for uploading to the server using the
> input type "file" tag.  when the user requests the next page, i DO NOT want
> the files to immediately transfer (many reasons for this, just a hard
> requirement).  rather, id like to store the names of the files into a cookie
> or save it on the server with apache::session.  this part I already have
> working, and am storing the file names into a tied hash using
> apache::session module.
> then the user moves onto the second web page and populates more form fields
> with additional information.  upon submitting this second form, the files
> from the previous web page (names stored in the hash %session from
> apache::session) are then sent to the server.
> im not sure whether or not this can be done, anyone have any clues?
> Kirk

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